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Sandfield Close Primary School

Science News 2018 2019

Please find in this section news that relates to all the super science work we do at Sandfield Close Primary School. 

The attachments shared below show all the news that we have done in science. 

The link below will take you to some videos showcasing our children on Explorify, together with Miss Eames our Science Lead. Our children are also featured in the area linked under 'Dilraj Kang, Key Stage 2 teacher'.  

Please find below videos of our work and visit with Professor Brian Cox.

Please find below a link to a Blog that Miss  Eames has on the Royal Society website: 

Please click on the picture below to see a debate on the BBC with Miss Eames on 'Are we teaching children enough about climate change'.


Dinosaur Week from the week beginning 8th April 2019 - have a look at the newspaper below that informs you about what we have learnt about dinosaurs this week across the school. Some of our Year 5 children were reporters and they did a fantastic job!


Lego Masters!

Sandfield are delighted to be taking part in the Lego First League Juniors project.  Children have given up their lunchtimes to work on the project called Mission Moon.  Sandfield are interested in taking part as the  FIRST LEGO League Junior is an exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programme for 6-9 year olds and we try and encourage STEM Projects in school.  Mission Moon is this year's theme and the focus is on working as a team.  Our team is busy researching the Moon, they will display their ideas on a Show Me Poster, build a Lego model and program it to move.



The project ensures teamwork, design, programming and communication skills but it is also fun.  If it goes well this year we hope to have more teams next time.  Watch this space!


Lichen Lookers - searching for evidence of clean air!

Eco Club has a new group, children from year 4 were chosen by their teachers to take part in a special survey about the air around school.  The children have decided to call themselves the Lichen Lookers.  We have had several meetings already.


We have surveyed the trees on our school grounds.  We met Danielle Kennell, from Leicester City Council, who told us all about Leicester City Council's Clean Air Project.  You may have seen the pollution catchers that we made.

Using a tape measure we learnt how to survey the trees and identify different types of lichen.  Lichen is really interesting and different types of lichen like different types of air.  Some lichens do not like the pollution from cars.




We found out that Sandfield trees have more lichens and a greater variety than the trees on Troon Way.  But we also have a lot of pollution near the front of school from cars.  We would like parents/ carers to switch off their engines when they pick up their children, or better still walk!


Lego League Junior Expo Mission Moon at the Space Centre

Mrs Dhillon and MIss Eames were excited to take a small group of children to the First Lego League Junior Expo Mission Moon at the Space Centre.  The children have worked hard for the last few weeks to produce a poster, create a lego model , complete a mission booklet and programme the model to move in some way.

We were really pleased when it was announced that we had won the best team award.


Eco and Food for Life Celebration Event at DeMontfort University

Sandfield work hard all year to improve the environment around school and also increase children's awareness of food.  From over 100 Eco warriors we could only choose 6 to attend the event, this was a really hard choice.  

The children showcased two of our projects. Our Eco Project was called ' Lichen Lookers' and was linked to our projects of encouraging cycling and walking to school.  

Our Food for Life Project was called 'Grandma's Helping Hands', an intergenerational project that encourages a group of Grandmas to come into school and get involved in our growing of plants to eat.  

The children had to talk to the adult judges and also the other children at the event.  We were given an award for trying to make the air around school healthier and we were really pleased that the children were chosen as the Eco Factor Award winners.  This was voted by all the children at the event.  We would also  like to thank Mrs Sutton for escorting the children to the event.   I wonder what we will do next year?  




Blue Peter and Space Centre recording

Sandfield is well known for its commitment to science and we were delighted to be invited along to the Space Centre for a recording of the children's long running tv programme Blue Peter.  At the time we had no idea what this would mean but a visit to the Space Centre is always interesting.  Mrs Dhillon and Miss Eames warned the children that we could be sitting around for a long time and then pretending to look at the exhibits whilst the tv presenters Lindsey and Ritchie said their words to camera.  

We were amazed when they asked us to make a Rocket Mouse and be part of the filming that will be aired on 18th July to link with the Lunar Landing 50th Anniversary.  

Miss Eames said although she and Mrs Dhillon wont be in the programme getting a Blue Peter badge was really special.  We look forward to watching the programme on 18th July - set your recorders! 







The Great Science Share 

This is a national initiative that is going worldwide.  On Tuesday 18th June children came together to take part in the Great Science Share.  Miss Eames took a group of children from Year 4, 5 and 6 along to the University of Leicester to share their science with other schools.  The children chose what to take ; they decide to take our  Dinosaur work and fossils, an investigation into sound, the Royal Society Young Person's Shortlisted books and some microscopes linked to our Royal Society Project, 'How many stars in the sky?' looking at the microscopic to the telescopic. 

We also met STEM Ambassadors, engineers and some children were also brave enough to go on stage and share what they enjoyed about science. 

The children were excellent ambassadors for the school. It was also  great to see some parents come along and take part. We look forward to taking part next year. 







Oxfam Assembly , what can we do? 

Judith Green is a regular visitor to Sandfield, as we are part of the Ogden Trust Partnership group that we belong to.  We were really pleased that she came to give a prize to two of our year 5 children.  They were chosen for how hard they have worked in science and maths.

Whilst she was here, Judith also told us about her work with OXFAM, and how they help other people around the world -  to see an end to poverty.  This is also one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that Sandfield promotes.  She showed us an amazing cannister that can create clean water from dirty water and explained how a bucket was designed to be used safely in areas where there is no water.  It was so interesting that  next year we might have an Oxfam Eco Group.