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Sandfield Close Primary School

School Uniform

The uniform at Sandfield Close Primary School consists of a red sweatshirt or red fleece with the school logo.

Red Sweatshirt

Red Fleece

Information regarding the supplier can be given by Mrs. Tailor at the school office. See the pricelist sheet below. Plain red sweatshirts or cardigans may also be worn and are widely available in supermarkets.

Price List


Children should also wear a white polo shirt or white shirt. The trousers, skirts or shorts are grey and the summer dresses are red and white gingham checked. These can be purchased at any large supermarket.

All school shoes must be black. Shoes should be suitable for playing outside.

Children are required to bring in a pair of black plimsolls to wear inside the building during the day and these will also be part of their indoor P.E. kit.

P.E. Kit

Children are expected to bring in appropriate kit for the week on Monday morning and then take their kit home every Friday to be cleaned in preparation for the following week.

For indoor physical activity and sport, at Sandfield Close Primary School, children are expected to wear close-fitting black or white sports trousers or tracksuit trousers, shorts, cycling shorts, leggings or sports leggings (leggings must not cover the feet). The children are also expected to wear a white or black sports top. Branded items are acceptable as long as the logo is small and does not display a message. In gymnastics or dance sessions, barefoot work is safest. All children are expected to walk to the hall wearing trainers, school shoes or plimsolls before taking them off when they get to the hall.

For children in Reception, indoor PE kit is white shorts and a white t-shirt.

For outdoor physical activity and sport, at Sandfield Close Primary School, pupils are allowed to wear close-fitting black or white sports trousers or tracksuit trousers, shorts or leggings (leggings must not cover the feet). Pupils can wear under layers (such as thermal tops), sports sweatshirts, fleeces or hoodies during cold conditions – these can be any colour but must not display any large messages or slogans. In addition, pupils are expected to bring a jacket or coat during cold weather periods. For grip and support, staff and pupils should ensure that they are wearing appropriate footwear (trainers) and bring an appropriate bag to store them in after they have been used.

Studded boots or blades are not permitted unless advised by a teacher or sports coach for a specific event or activity.

For swimming children should wear swimming trunks or swimming costume or a full length long sleeve swimsuit (not swimming shorts), a hat and towel. This kit should be in a waterproof bag and each item clearly named.

For swimming, jewellery (religious or otherwise) should be left at home on Tuesday mornings.

Personal items such as jewellery (including piercings), religious items, watches, hair slides should be removed. In KS1 glasses should be removed. In KS2 teachers should use their discretion regarding glasses in consultation with children and parents. In KS1 & KS2 teachers should use their discretion regarding hearing aids in consultation with children, parents and SENDCo. For children wearing a device related to diabetes, teaching staff will liaise with Mrs. Sutton and parents to decide if any modifications need to be made. Adaptations to the activities should be made if the removal of these items is not possible.

Religious items should be removed or made safe.

Religious bracelets which cannot be removed should be covered with a sweatband; small stud earrings that cannot be removed are expected to be covered with tape. Medical-aid wristbands are allowed; however, staff must carry out an appropriate safety assessment.