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Sandfield Close Primary School

School Lunches

Lunch with the catering team at Sandfield Close Primary School

Jody, Julie, Michelle and Joshna warmly welcome children to school lunches every day. They know all our children and their dietary needs very well and work closely with parents to ensure that lunchtime is a delightful time.

Healthy eating

The catering team use the ‘Eatwell guide’ issued by the Food Standards Agency to get a balance of healthier and more sustainable food. Leicester City Council City Catering provide the catering with nutritionally balanced menus, determining how much of what children eat comes from a healthy balance of the various food groups: fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein and dairy.

Our catering team cook onsite and everything is freshly made. They welcome parents to come and talk with them if parents would like to know more and the catering team always provide parents with taster sessions at parent’s evenings, to sample what they have to offer on our school menu.


Sharing what we do with our parents

The catering team have invited parents to join them for Mother’s day and Father’s day. This proved to be immensely popular and parental feedback revealed that more parents wanted to join their child to share a meal at lunchtime.

As a result, the catering team have now launched ‘making mealtime memories’, ensuring all parents get a chance to eat with their child across the school. It was a great success with our parents and children in Reception and Year 1. The remaining year groups are scheduled through the year.

Themed meals

Our catering team are always busy! They cater for various themed lunches that run through the year working closely with our Lunchtime Manager, Ms.Pankhania. These have included Eid lunch, Diwali lunch, Christmas lunch, Easter lunch, Vaisakhi lunch, Pancake day, a teddy’s bears picnic to celebrate the queen’s birthday, a sports lunch, Valentine’s day, a lunch to celebrate the royal wedding, a pirate’s day and a National School Meals Week celebration.

Our dining room is wonderfully decorated to match the themes thanks to the hard efforts of our catering team and lunchtime manager.

Year 6 Lunchtime Leaders

All our Year 6 children have the responsibility of being a Lunchtime Leader. This provides children the skills of being independent, communicating effectively and to gaining confidence in preparation for their transition to secondary school. As a reward for  being a Lunchtime Leader, children participate in bowling at the end of the year with members of the catering team.

Promoting cooking in the curriculum

Our catering team work closely with teachers from all year groups, supporting them by bringing cooking alive in the curriculum and inspiring children to cook using healthy ingredients.

In Year 6, they supported children by helping them to bake war time puddings to help children to understand the scarcity of resources during that period.

In Year 5 they supported children to bake a healthier Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake when they studied Matilda.

In Year 4, children picked rhubarb from the school garden and made rhubarb crumble.

In Year 3, children foraged for fruit and the catering team supported children by showing them how to make a fruit puree.

In Year 2, the catering team helped children to make gingerbread men whilst they were studying The Gingerbread Man and write instructions from the experience.

In Year 1, the catering team helped children to bake bread when they studied ‘The Little Red Hen’ and after a visit to their local bakery.

In Reception, the catering team supported children by baking mince pies at Christmas, every child had their own to eat.

The catering team have also supported children in all year groups when they have invited parents in for open mornings and coffee mornings.

We have an award winning catering team

At the Leicester City Council Sustainable School Awards in 2018, Jody was named as the ‘healthy eating champion’.

In 2016, our catering team also won the Leicester Mercury ‘City Catering Team of the Year’.

Food for life

Sandfield Close Primary School were one of the first schools in Leicester City to achieve the ‘Soil Association Food for Life’ Bronze Award in recognition of our commitment to healthy eating. We are now well on our way to achieving ‘Food for Life Silver Award’.

Leicester City Council Chef of the Year

Leicester City Council ran a competition called Junior Chef of the Year with all schools in Leicester City.  Sandfield Close Primary School had two teams participating in Summer 2018. We won pudding of the year which is now featured on City Catering’s school lunch menu, called ‘Sandfield’s Chocolate Brownie’. It is classed as a healthier pudding as it contains less sugar and has beetroot in it!

Our army of Grandma’s

Our catering team together with the Food for Life team have gathered an small army of Grandmas to support children once a week with developing their cutlery skills, supporting  them with lunchtime conversations and with ‘cooking within the curriculum’. This has proven to be successful and our Grandmas have even had a starring role in their own video available online.