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Sandfield Close Primary School

Policy International

Internationalism at Sandfield Close Primary School


At Sandfield Close Primary school we strive to deliver a curriculum which is based upon global citizenship and internationalism. We hope that our inclusion of internationalism and global citizenship within our curriculum will allow children the opportunity to develop a sound understanding of not only themselves and their local community, but also the global community as a whole. Pupils are increasingly made aware of their individual roles within society as a whole. Children are actively encouraged to share their knowledge with their peers and the community around them. Or aim is to ensure that our international dimension not only impact on those within school but also upon the community. Inclusive activities such as visits to places in the local community, assemblies and so forth help to achieve this. Through the continued inclusion of an international focus, we aim to continue to raise children's awareness and heighten their appreciation of other environments.


At Sandfield Close we endeavor to include an international dimension as part of our ethos so that we can provide children and staff with a wider variety of experiences both within, and in addition to the National Curriculum. Due to the diversity of the children within our school, teachers understand the great importance of implementing useful changes to their teaching in order to ensure that the curriculum can be accessed by all pupils regardless of their background.

Our international curriculum aims to:

  • develop links with schools in other countries
  • raise awareness of environment issues other than those in our locality
  • promote communication through writing emails to friends abroad
  • raise awareness and appreciation of other environments and what is happening in the world
  • develop cross-curricular activities with an international theme for all children


Through the inclusion of an international focus in Sandfield Close Primary School, we strive to offer to our children, a range of experiences that will enhance their learning and raise their awareness of their national and international identity. By embedding internationalism within our curriculum we hope that by the time children leave Sandfield Close Primary School, they are able to:

  • possess an informed awareness of countries, cultures and languages other than their own
  • have a greater involvement in environmental issues
  • develop their curiosity about other cultures
  • develop their communication skills
  • have a better understanding of the importance of equal opportunities, racial equality and citizenship