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Sandfield Close Primary School


Poetry is wonderful to learn and super to recite! The imagery, descriptions and play with words are great to see, hear and memorise. Poetry is a great way for children to hear English techniques such as alliteration, similes, metaphors and personification. 

Please see some links below to websites that your child can visit to learn poems. Ask your child to recite them back to you and add actions to help them remember.


BBC - KS1 poems to learn

See Michael Rosen read 'Chocolate cake' - one of our favourites!

See Roger McGough read 'The Sound Collector' - another one of our favourites!

There are more poems which are performed that you can view too.

Click the link below:


BBC - KS2 poems to learn

See 'The Dragon Who Ate Our School' by Nick Toczek- another one of our favourites!

Hear Craig Charles discuss simile and metaphor in Frank Flynn's 'The School Bell' poem and 'Spaghetti' poem and William Hart-Smith's poem  'The Beach'.