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Sandfield Close Primary School


Physical Education and School Sport at Sandfield Close Primary School

At Sandfield Close Primary School our Physical Education curriculum aims to encourage and inspire all pupils to develop a passion for physical activity and competitive sport. We provide opportunities to succeed through focusing on developing confidence and enjoyment of sporting activity. Our staff continually promote, support and improve health and fitness. Through competition and other sporting opportunities, both within school and at festivals, we strive to embed the values of respect, passion, honesty, equality, teamwork and determination within our curriculum. As our pupils progress through the school, we provide a broad range of opportunities for every child and every ability in the hope that they develop a life-long appreciation of the importance of physical activity. 


As a school we aim to:

  • ensure that all children are physically active
  • engage all children in competitive sports and activities
  • improve each child’s ability to participate in a wide range of sporting activities
  • emphasise the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle
  • promote the enjoyment of physical activity and sport.