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Sandfield Close Primary School


Oracy-the ability to communicate effectively using spoken language at Sandfield Close Primary School

We encourage children to communicate effectively from the moment they arrive in Reception at Sandfield Close Primary School when they are 4 years old. Our staff:

  • have high expectations and encourage children to speak in full sentences through the school in all subjects;

  • ask open ended questions to ensure that children elaborate on their responses and are given an opportunity to provide further details;
  • regularly plan opportunities for children to speak in various situations, e.g. in assemblies,  in class presentations, when reciting poetry etc.

  • expect children to answer questions in mathematics in full sentences;
  • purposefully plan for children to experience learning first hand, so that children learn language in context, for example, in Year 1, children visit the local bakery so they can learn about a wide variety of breads, their names and what they look like.

Parents and Carers

We ask for the continued support of Parents and Carers in helping our children to communicate effectively. Spoken language targets are sent to Parents and Carers three times a year as part of their child’s assessments that are sent home. Please could you help your child by:

  • helping them to meet their spoken language targets;
  • encouraging your child to speak in complete sentences;
  • take as many opportunities to speak with your child about what they have done during the day or want to do;
  • practise reading aloud their reading book and talk about it with you. Ask your child questions about what they have read, for example, what was your favourite part? Can you tell me why? Does this story remind you of any other you have read? Can you retell me the story? Can you tell me a different ending?

Spoken language targets

Please find below spoken language targets for each year group.

Year 1  

Year 2

Year 3 

Year 4

Year 5 

Year 6