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Sandfield Close Primary School


History at Sandfield Close Primary School

At Sandfield Close Primary School we love learning about history in all year groups. Where possible we try to bring history alive, asking various specialists to support, such as Ismail Dale from Historic England

or Dr. Richard Thomas from Leicester University who worked on the Richard the Third excavation.

More recently, Sandfield Close worked closely with Roundhill Academy and Ismail Dale from Historic England to get Thurmaston War Memorial listed.

We also visit many places to support children learning about history too, for example, the local war memorial in Year 2 and Year 6.

We bring history alive through drama and role plat in all year groups, for example, in Year 3, we acted out Romulus and Remus;  in Year 4, we re-enacted a battle at the time of Richard the Third;

in Year 4 visiting the Guildhall to take part in Tell tale , working with Historic England so that our children were able to perform;  children meet with veterans as part of our Remembrance service;

children in Year 2 learn about veterans when learn about Remembrance day;

Children in Year 1 learnt about Amelia Earhart and made planes.

Last year we also made 200 poppies as part of the Walk of Poppies at the Remembrance service at Victoria Park.