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Sandfield Close Primary School

Grammar, spelling, Punctuation

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation at Sandfield Close Primary School

Grammar, spelling and punctuation are taught discretely at Sandfield Close Primary School and are transferred to reading and writing.

Grammar and punctuation

Grammar sessions are taught throughout the school that are in line with the National Curriculum requirements. Please find the breakdown for grammar requirements from the appendix within the National Curriculum on the right.

Grammar requirements in sessions are then transferred to reading and writing as we encourage children to apply what they have learnt.

Find attached a glossary of vocabulary used in the National Curriculum; this will support children and parents with definitions of grammatical terms used by staff and those featured in the grammar test papers.


Spelling rules are taught in each year group. The spelling requirements are age appropriate and are taken from the National Curriculum and these are presented in various booklets that children use to memorise their spelling words for the week.

Children are tested once a week to ensure that they have learnt their words.

Staff also monitor spelling in writing children do every day.

In EYFS, children are asked to learn key words that will support them with their reading and writing. These are broken down into the Letter and Sound phases and can be found on the right. We ask parents for their support with helping children learn words.