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Sandfield Close Primary School


At Sandfield Close Primary School we teach French from Reception to Year 6 because we believe strongly that it is necessary to provide all our children with an understanding of other cultures and languages. The children are taught weekly by a specialist teacher, our French Lead Madame Delesse, who follows a programme from Reception to Year 6 that takes into consideration the primary Modern Foreign Language (MFL) entitlement as set out in the National Curriculum 2014.

The key elements of MFL learning at Sandfield Close Primary School are that our language learning is:

  • enjoyable for all
  • inclusive
  • ensures progress.

Aims and objectives

At Sandfield Close Primary School we aim to:

  • lay the foundations for the future study of French
  • foster an interest in learning another language
  • develop an understanding of grammar
  • apply and develop their knowledge of languages and language learning
  • gain enjoyment, pride and a sense of achievement
  • explore their own cultural identity and those of others
  • increase personal aspiration.
  • develop speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Ethos in the French lessons at Sandfield Close Primary School

We believe that language learning is best done by giving it a sense of purpose and by bringing reality into the classroom. Therefore every year we try our best to put in to place some special activities for children to enjoy. The children learn some conversation that they have to perform in order to be able to buy some food. In Year 3 the children take part in a Christmas biscuit sale and decoration and in the summer term they get the opportunity to buy an ice-cream. In Year 4, children get to buy all the ingredient they need to make their own sandwich and enjoy a picnic outside. In Year 5, we organise a French café and in Year 6 we learn a recipe to make crêpes and then eat some! The children always look forward to these special occasions and always try their best!