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Sandfield Close Primary School

Festival and Competition results in PE 2018 2019

Festival and competition results 2018-19: 

During this academic year so far, we have competed in a number of festivals and competitions and achieved some fantastic results.  


We have competed in a number of football festivals this year. In a Soar Valley football competition we finished in 3rd  place, in a Leicester City community football festival we finished 8th, in a Leicester City girls only competition we finished in  3rd place and in a key stage 1 competition we finished 8th.  


Cross Country

To put our increased focus on fitness and healthy living to the test, 30 year 4, 5 and 6 pupils entered into a cross country festival at Knighton Park, Leicester. With over 30 schools at the event, our children excelled and a number of our students finished in the top 20 positions in their races.



So far this year, we have competed in two Badminton tournaments. In both tournaments we have finished in 1st place and 2nd place.

Key stage 1 festivals:

Key stage 1 festivals provide the pupils with the opportunity to participate in competitive games without the pressure of winning and losing. We have participated in two festivals so far this year and our children have been able to successfully build towards participating in competitive tournaments in key stage 2.


We achieved a 3rd place finish in our only hockey event this year. We will build on this further when we compete in ‘quicksticks’ events in the spring term.


Hockey in the Spring term

We entered two teams into the quicksticks hockey festival at Soar Valley in March 2019. One Year 4 team and one Year 5 team.



Dodgeball has been introduced as a competitive primary school competition this year and in our first year of entering we sent two teams to compete. Out of 26 teams, one of our teams finished in 7th place and the other finished in 8th place.


We entered two teams into our first netball event of the year. We managed to finish 2nd in one of our groups and 3rd in the other. This has prepared us for another festival that will be happening later in the year.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee has been introduced this year as a new sport. We sent a team of year 4 pupils to compete in a tournament that involved coaching and a competition.


The competition was so brilliant that we will be introducing the sport within our curriculum as a result. The team competed against year 5 pupils from other schools and finished in 3rd place.

Tag Rugby

Having enjoyed coaching from the Leicester Tigers coaches, the pupils managed to transfer their new skills into a competitive festival. The team finished in 2nd place.


We sent one year four team and one year 5 team to compete in this tournament. The children competed fairly and challenged themselves to improve throughout. Our year four team finished 7th out of 10 and our year 5 team finished 8th out of 15.

Netball League

A group of determined year 6 pupils competed in an after school netball league at Soar Valley College. We won 5 of our matches and finished in 5th place.

KS2 Year 4 Tag Rugby

Our year 4 tag rugby team finished in 3rd place out of 15 teams during the East Leicester School Games competition. The children showed great skill, teamwork and communication and narrowly missed out on a place in the summer games.