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Sandfield Close Primary School


English at Sandfield Close Primary School

We place the utmost importance on developing English every day throughout the school. We feel that being able to read, write and convey our thoughts is a necessity for children to be able to access the rest of the curriculum and to contribute to our modern British society.

We love reading and promote the love of it every day too, from EYFS to Year 6. We ensure all children read every day, are read to and all children take books home to read. We link reading to as many curriculum areas as possible.

We place a strong emphasis on phonics in our Early Years and KS1 to ensure all our children have the skills to access reading. 

We actively promote the development of oracy throughout the curriculum, using good quality texts to support children to talk about texts, study texts and share texts in assemblies too.

We bring learning to life in writing by engaging all learners so that they are immersed and able to speak confidently about what they will write.

We link English to other subject areas to create a cohesive curriculum where possible for example, in Year 6 we learn about the war in history as part of our post 1066 unit and write about it in our literacy sessions; in Year 2 we learn about our local war memorial, linking to our work on Remembrance day and literacy sessions.

All year groups learn age related curriculum requirements for grammar and spelling in discrete lessons which are transferred to literacy sessions.

We invest a lot of staff professional training in English to ensure all our staff have the best knowledge and training to plan, teach, assess and moderate learning so that our children can reach age related expectations and beyond, mastering their love of English.