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Sandfield Close Primary School

E-Books from booktrust

BookTrust have kindly given access to parents, carers and children to use their online e-books. BookTrust state: "BookTrust is dedicated to supporting schools, and raising morale in the best way we know how - by reading! We're proud to introduce BookTrust HomeTime, a new digital hub to share with your students."

Parents and carers, please encourage pleasure and a love of books with your child.

Parents, please ask children to share with you the story they have heard and read on-screen, what they think about it, what was their favourite part etc. Encourage them to re-read and 

Children, once you have heard a story from BookTrust, you can write a book review in your very best handwriting about the story you have heard.  You can send a photo or scan of your book review, or attach your book review, to the address below so that we can place some of these on our school website for other children to see.

Send book reviews to:

The book review can have the following structure:

Book title:

Recommended age:

A summary of the book (without giving away the ending!):

A summary about the relationship between the characters:

What was the most exciting part and why:

A thank you message to the author about what you loved about the book and why:

A thank you message to BookTrust for the access:

There are 2 areas to support children with reading whilst schools are closed: BookTrust E-books and BookTrust Hometime

Click on the picture below to access BookTrust E-books:


Click on the picture below to access BookTrust Hometime: