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Sandfield Close Primary School

Digital reading books

Renaissance myON have kindly allowed the school to have access to their digital books during school closure. 

There are so many titles to choose from and a range of genres.

Parents and carers, please encourage you child to read through the books. When you have read it a couple of times and enjoyed the story, you could discuss the following with your child:

Can you tell me what happened in the book?

What was your favourite part of the book? Why?

Do you like the way the book was structured?  Can you think of other structures that could help with presenting the information?

Can you make up a similar text to the one the author shared? 

Can you write a letter to the author, letting him/ her know what your thoughts are about his/her book and why?

Children, once you have read a digital text from myON, you can write a book review in your very best handwriting about the text you have read.  You can send a photo or scan of your book review to the address below so that we can place some of these on our school website for other children to see.

Send book reviews to:

The book review can have the following structure:

Book title:

Recommended age:

A summary of the book and its various sections:

Your point of view about how the book is laid out:

What was the most exciting part and why:

What did you learn the most having read it and how did this happen:

A thank you message to the author about what you loved about the book and why:

A thank you message to Renaissance myON for the access:


You can click on the picture below that says 'Browse by Category' to take you to their site.