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Sandfield Close Primary School


The Curriculum at Sandfield Close Primary School 

At Sandfield Close Primary School, we are preparing our children for life in the local community and beyond.

We have a curriculum tailored to the needs of our children, ensuring there is breadth and depth matching our diverse school population. We follow the curriculum requirements as set out by the government in the National Curriculum (2014).

Oracy – communicating effectively – underpins all our curriculum areas, especially the core subject areas of reading, writing, maths and science. 

We provide many opportunities to develop oracy through all the opportunities and experiences we provide our children. We have regular visits from:

·         the local libraries

·         the police service     

·         the Historic England Learning Lead

·         science specialists.  

We have trips in every year group based on the curriculum, for example:

·         All year groups visit the cinema every year and we talk about the film we watched;

·         EYFS visit the farm to support their topic on the farm linking to understanding the world, communication, language and literacy;

·         Year 1 visit the zoo, supporting their learning in literacy and geography;

·         Year 2 visit the war memorial in November, linking to learning in history and literacy;

·         Year 3 visit the Jewry Wall museum when studying the Romans;

·         Year 4 visit the Richard the Third museum in Leicester when studying him in history;

·         Year 5 visit the Leicester City football ground during author week to support learning in literacy and have cycling proficiency;

·         Year 6 visit The Warning Zone linked to literacy, SMSC and PSHE, visit the war memorial linking to work in history and literacy and go on a residential visit to Kingswood in Norfolk for a week.

We enrich the curriculum too by having different focus weeks such as P.E. Week, Science Week, International Week and Counting Week. 

Our Foundation subjects are taught through a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares our children for life in the local community and beyond. Oracy, British values and SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding) underpin our curriculum and our Twitter feed shows all the stimulating learning we do in our foundation subjects.

Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology Physical Education, Languages and Computing are taught discretely but where appropriate are linked to show how skills are connected, for example, in the Early Years, children use Bee-bots to demonstrate competency in technology and develop oracy skills at the same time, discussing directions and instructions and how to represent this and make links to science about what bees eat and what they do for the environment.

Our catering team also work very closely with classes through the school, supporting children in their learning through cooking, linking to the foundation subjects such as science, design and technology, history (children made cakes following a WW2 recipe for remembrance day!) and to maths and literacy.

Please find yearly annual plans for the foundation subjects below which provide details for each year group.

Please also find termly curriculum overviews per year group which provide more details.