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Sandfield Close Primary School

Children's mental health and well-being

Your mental health and wll-being is very important to us at Sandfield Close Primary School. We have been working hard this year with you all to create different resources to support mental health and well-being. Working with children, we have produced a series of leaflets that we aim to share with you all in a school assembly.

In the meantime, there are lots of ways to support your mental health and well-being.

Talking with your parents or teachers about any concerns you may have is very important - it is so good to talk. Your parents and teachers can offer you support and advice.

During the school closure due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, there are many websites below that can help you with your mental health and well-being.  Please always remember that your parents and carers are always happy to listen to any of your concerns, worries or fears. 

Websites specifically for children to use to support mental health and well-being

This ’Kids Yoga and Mindfulness’ website above is for children to use to develop Yoga and mindfulness.

This ‘Mindfulness meditation for kids’ website above is for children to use to develop mindful meditation and to be in the present moment. They feature breathing exercises.

This ‘BBC PSHE KS2: Growth mindset’ website above is a collection of clips that help unlock growth mindset ideas for pupils.

This ‘BBC CBeebies ten minutes arts and craft’ website above is a collection of activities to help children to participate in arts and crafts as a way of encouraging calmness, focus and fun.

Attachments to support children's mental health and well-being

Please find 5 attachments below that explains what Coronavirus is and how you can help yourselves at home during this time.

Below are attachments that were provided by ELSA support. It is an organisation that supports Emotional Literacy Support Assistants and they have shared free resources below that you can do to help you feel calm, relaxed and happy.