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Sandfield Close Primary School

BBC Bitesize

Children can practise aspects of the curriculum at KS1 (5-7 year olds) and at KS2 (7-11 year olds).

Once children arrive at the page the can choose KS1 or KS2 and then choose a subject area to practise.  This is such a good site for children to practise what they have learnt at school in the core subjects too and for parents to see what support is available, for example, in English, support for writing stories and non-fiction texts, plays and poems, grammar and phonics and much more in English.

In maths, children can practise all areas from the 4 functions to algebra, percentages and ratio.

In history, children can learn about the periods through Brutish history from the Prehistoric, the Romans, the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings etc through to Post WWII. Children can also learn about World history, Famous people and Historical skills.

There is a wide range of learning children can practise from other curriculum areas and share with their parents or carers.