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Sandfield Close Primary School

Amazon audible stories

Amazon have kindly given children free access to audible stories during the school closure period due to COVID-19. This is such an amazing opportunity to hear stories read aloud. Amazon audible have released many titles that parents can access for free for their child.

Parents - please help your child choose an age appropriate book. The age levels are:

Little listeners




Literary classics

Folk and Fairy Tales for all

Parents, please ask children to share with you the story they have heard, what they think about it, what was their favourite part etc.

Children, once you have heard a story from Amazon Audible, you can write a book review in your very best handwriting about the story you have heard.  You can send a photo or scan of your book review to your class teacher in Google Classroom.

The book review can have the following structure:

Book title:

Recommended age:

A summary of the book (without giving away the ending!):

A summary about the relationship between the characters:

What was the most exciting part and why:

A thank you message to the author about what you loved about the book and why:

A thank you message to Amazon Audible for the access:

Please click on the picture prompt below to access the site.