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Sandfield Close Primary School

Water - a Leicester Eco Competition

A Leicester City Council Competition - to design a Water Fountain Station Board

Water is all around us - but there is very little fresh water that can be drunk.  

Some countries experience droughts and their crops die, some countries including the UK experience floods that can have an equally devastating effect.  One of the Eco School's Projects is to do with water.  We have been lucky to work with Water Explorers and found out that many of clothes need water to make them, our burgers need water to produce the meat.  Severn Trent Water also visited and helped us understand the importance of water saving with their assembly ' Are you a waster or a saver?' 

This also links in with our Food for Life work and Healthy Living.

Leicester Council are providing water stations around the city and we are encouraing Sandfield to send in their designs.