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Sandfield Close Primary School

Year 1 Discovery Dog and Explorify

Year 1 explaining to Discovery Dog what bulbs are.

Year 1 have met Discovery Dog for the first time.  Discovery Dog had a problem he had lots of


bulbs to plant but didn't know what to do with them.  The children had to explain to Discovery Dog what to do.  They decided to plant the bulbs in different places outside their classroom.

Some were planted near the tree, Miss Eames' favourite Ginkgo tree, some near the concrete path, some under the hedges and some in the middle of the grass.  We wonder which ones will grow the quickest? Or the healthiest? 

Children in Year 1 are loving Explorify, in the afternoons they often start with an Odd One Out.  Children share their answers with talk partners and a few children are chosen each lesson to explain to the rest of the class what they think.  It is their justification of the Odd One Out that is important not which one they pick.  It does create some interesting discussions and helps improve the vocabulary that we use and make it more scientific.