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Sandfield Close Primary School

Year 5NK Space Camp Sleepover

Taking our learning beyond the curriculum.

Since 2015 Sandfield has been part of a project called Space Camp Sleepovers.  We were one of the first schools to offer our children the experience of sleeping in school and are very proud that 4 years later we are still providing this experience.

We were delighted that 30 children took part, we are grateful to the continued support of Mrs Dhillon, class teachers like Miss Khan and other teaching staff that give up their time to provide this experience - such as Mr Harris and Mrs Palak.  Not forgetting all the teachers who help fold the tents and pack away the next morning and also to Julie and the catering staff for helping us with breakfast. 

We are always delighted when people volunteer to come to Sandfield and give an expert talk and this year Lilli and Jess, students from Leicester University came to talk to us about the moons in our solar system - not just the moon that orbits the Earth.

Leicester's Astronomy Society always come along, whether it is cloudy or not and this year they explained about meteorites and the planets in the Solar System.  So our many thanks go to Paul, Colin Richard and Phil for bringing all their equipment and talking so knowledgeably to the children.

The children also built amazing marble runs with our new Gravitrax equipment, took part in making constellations and asked many questions.  Who knows if this will become a career or a hobby for some in the future?