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Sandfield Close Primary School

From Gums to Bums

Year 4 are learning about the digestion 

Last week year 4 created play cough teeth, this week they have had a messy lesson whereby they modelled the digestive system.


Once the teeth have shopped the food into small pieces it is mixed with the saliva.

Next the tongue moves the food around to make it into a soft ball ready to swallow.


The food is swallowed and travels along the oesophagus into the stomach.

It is in the stomach that it is broken down into even smaller pieces and mixed with stomach acids.


Then the food moves into the small intestines, bile - from the liver and stored in the gall bladder, is added to break down the fats.  The food is now microscopic and is picked up by the blood and gives us the energy to move.


Next the food travels into the large intestine and the water is taken away and stored in the bladder and comes out as urine.


Finally the undigested food is stored in the rectum and goes into the toilet.


It was certainly a memorable lesson and year 4 know that food is broken down, digested, into microscopic pieces and we get rid of the rest when we go to the toilet.