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Sandfield Close Primary School

A trip that was Out of this World!

Year 5 visited the National Space Centre.

On Wednesday 25th September all the children in year 5 went along to the National Space Centre.

Whilst one class explored the galleries, the other class took part in a masterclass led by the National Space Agency.  In the workshop the children had to try and answer the question Why are rockets white?   They had to plan a fair test, collect data and interpret it.   They used special colour changing paint which gave the workshop the wow factor.

Going round the galleries was amazing, children found out about the Space Race between America and Russia, found a piece of the moon and learnt about our Solar System.  We were fortunate that the paint company PPG covered the cost of the workshops and our entry to the  National Space Centre. 

Year 5 are now looking forward to their Space Camp Sleepovers to learn even more about Earth in Space.