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Sandfield Close Primary School

Science News 2019 2020

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  • 26/04/20

    The big freeze: freezing and melting at home

    What happens when you freeze water?  How can you melt it? Do all liquids freeze?
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  • 22/04/20

    Earth Day

    Our first Google Classroom Eco Challenge 
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  • 24/01/20

    Bulbs4Kids planting ready for the spring

    Bulb planting ready for the Spring
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  • 24/01/20

    Year 1 Discovery Dog and Explorify

    Year 1 explaining to Discovery Dog what bulbs are.
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  • 21/01/20

    Ogden Trust STEM Visit

    We're all made of ATOMS - tiny bits of stuff, but what is in an atom? 
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  • 09/01/20

    Lego Stars in Year 5

    Our Sandfield Lego Stars preparing for the Junior Lego League Competition
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  • 17/12/19

    An Invasion of Woolly Worms at Sandfield

    Year 1 went into the Nature Area and collected the Woolly Worms
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  • 27/11/19

    Royal Society Young Persons Book Prize Club

    Children from Year 3, 4 and 5 took part in choosing their favourite STEM Book of the Year
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  • 05/11/19

    From Gums to Bums

    Year 4 are learning about the digestion 
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  • 25/10/19

    Homemade Diwali rocket

    Truly Inspired by space camp sleepover!
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  • 23/10/19

    SPACE in 5AB

    To increase the excitement before our Space Camp, 5AB did some Space Science.
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