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Sandfield Close Primary School

Alice Hawkins - we learnt all about this super suffragette!

Peter Barratt, the great grandson of the Suffragette Alice Hawkins visits Year 5 today to share Alice's hard work and legacy.

Today the year 5 pupils received a talk from Peter Barratt, the great grandson of Alice Hawkins - a suffragette from Leicester.

Both classes were inspired  by the tales of her bravery and explored how Alice Hawkins' legacy impacts them today.

Here are some quotes from children in Year 5 about their experience with Peter Barratt and learning about Alice Hawkins:

"Peter inspired me to use my voice in the future."

"Learning about Alice Hawkins encouraged me to be strong."

"I felt confident after hearing about what Alice Hawkins has done for us."

"After Peter Barratt had spoken to us about Alice Hawkins, I felt inspired about the actions that Alice Hawkins had done for democracy in our country."

"I understood lots of new things about the Suffragettes that I did not know before."

"Without Alice Hawkins I know that my life would not be this way."

"The talk taught me to fight for my rights whenever I need to."

"I discovered many amazing facts and it was incredible hearing them from a family member of a suffragette."

"It was a fun workshop that helped me explore the life of Alice Hawkins."

"I got the chance to learn more about the life of Alice Hawkins."

"Whilst listening to the talk about Alice Hawkins, I understood that if you keep trying you can achieve anything you want."