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Sandfield Close Primary School

Year 5 visit to a local mosque

Year 5 visited a local mosque in Leicester as part of their RE curriculum.

This term Year 5 have been learning about Islam in RE.  We have explored the five pillars of Islam to understand the five basic acts.  We know why Muslims pray to Allah and how they prepare themselves for prayers. On Tuesday 26th March 2019, Year 5 were fortunate to be able to learn more about Islam by visiting Masjid Umar, which is a place of worship for Muslims in Leicester, which has some stunning architecture too!


We were lucky to be greeted by an Imaam, the person who leads prayers in a mosque, who was able to spend time with Year 5 giving them information about the aspects of Islam and how Muslims live their daily lives. 

We were able to see the Ablution facilities where people can do Wudu (washing hands and feet before prayer); the prayer hall where local people in the community can gather together to pray; and all the lovely architecture in the mosque.  We had a brilliant time and learnt lots of new things.