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Sandfield Close Primary School

Year 6 visit to Shree Sanatan Mandir

Year 6 Visited Shree Sanatan Mandir On Monday 20th May 2019

As part of our 'Religious Education' learning at school in Year 6 we have learnt about one of the major faiths in the world: Hinduism. We were able to explore the key beliefs of the Hindu religious tradition and explain the effect that those beliefs have on the lives of some Hindus such as the celebration of 'Navratri' (Dancing for nine nights with the 'Dhandiya Sticks'). In addition, we were able to understand the effect that the teaching from the 'Bhagavad Gita' (Sacred Text) has on the way a Hindu may choose to behave. Moreover, we were able to witness the 'Aarti'  session (Religious Prayers) taking place and observe the 'Murti's' (Images Of God's In The Form Of Idols) being given their breakfast. Lastly, we were offered fruit which had been blessed by the God's which is known as 'Prashad'.