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Sandfield Close Primary School

Flying into physics in Year 5!

Flying into Physics with Scarabeus Aerial Theatre Group!

All of the children in year 5 will have the chance of 'Flying into  Physics' with Scarabeus Aerial Theatre Group this term.   This links really well to our literacy on 'The Greatest Showman' and encourages our children to try something new and exciting. 

Teachers went on a cpd training session and found out just what the children would be doing.  Miss Eames, as part of her Primary Science Teaching Trust role, also held a Forces workshop for Year 5 teachers to help them explain the forces involved in 'flying'. 

Children took part in a 2 hour workshop with Soren and Beatrice from Scarabeus Aerial Theatre.  First they warmed up with some really interesting yoga moves. 


After this the children were placed in safety harnesses and attached to a rope that was suspended from the ceiling of Slater Street Primary School.   Children were encouraged to swing carefully, lie like a pencil and starfish and if they wanted to they were taught how to hang upside down. 



The children worked collaboratively with their partner to try and connect whilst swinging, this proved harder than anyone thought and we are all looking forward to going back again and hopefully succeeding.

Sandfield Close Primary School is really pleased to be taking part in this project as only 3 schools in Leicester have been chosen.