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Sandfield Close Primary School

Graffiti art in Year 5!

'This is me' - Year 5 expressing themselves through graffiti art!

On Thursday 2nd May,  Year 5 were fortunate enough to meet some graffiti art specialists who work alongside the 'bring the paint' festival. 


The children created art pieces that were unique to them and represented who they were through hobbies, interests or memories.  This project was based on 'this is me' to represent how everyone is individual.  This links well with Year 5's literacy unit called 'The Greatest Showman'. 





The children had lots of fun creating art pieces and exploring with different techniques to express themselves through art.  The work was then stuck onto a big piece of paper and will be placed in DeMontfort University for all to see. 


To conclude the session, the specialists showed the children some examples of how to use graffiti and they adopted some of the techniques to create their name. 


Thank you to Jess, Ant and Steve who worked with our children and shared some amazing techniques.