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Sandfield Close Primary School

Fossil finds at Sandfield Close

Fossil Finds at Sandfield - have we discovered a new species?

Miss Henshaw and Miss Khan got all the children in Key Stage 2 excited to become palaeontologist - fossil hunters.  In just one hour they guided the children through a  week long story of sunshine, rain and fossil finds.


In this activity the children really began to understand the frustrations of working as scientists, they examined the evidence and drew conclusions.  Next they had to re-examine their evidence and possibly change their minds as to what creature they had found?  Or had they in fact found two species?  Was one attacking the other? Was it an adult and a juvenile? So many questions and discussions.

Children also found out about teamwork and how important it was to listen to each other's reasoning and justifications.  They created questions for experts and summarised the evidence.  Towards the end of the activity they tried to work out how that creature might have evolved and what animal it might be like today.  Also did any  of the other teams of scientists  in the room agree with their evidence and conclusions?

Working as a scientist, working as a palaeontologist has certainly increased the interest of Sandfield Close's staff and children in the world of geology and prehistoric times.