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Sandfield Close Primary School

Dinosaurs in ice - how can we get them out?

Year 2 held a workshop to investigate solids, liquids and gasses and to test how to get a dinosaur out of the ice.

On Monday 8th April, we began our workshop as part of ‘dinosaur week’ in Year 2. To begin with we discussed what solids, liquids and gasses were and then we acted out being particles in the three different states.

                       Packed tight in a solid                                                       Movement within a liquid


                                   Free within gas

After that we saw the dinosaurs in the the ice and we discussed how we were going to get the dinosaurs out and which would be fastest/slowest way to do this. At this point we were being scientists and making predictions. We used hot water, cold water, cling film, tin foil and material. 

Our predictions were that the hot water and the material might probably be the fastest (because they warm things up) and they thought the cold water would be the slowest as it would keep it cool.

Our investigation proved that hot water was the quickest, but cling film and material were the slowest.