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Sandfield Close Primary School

Oil pastel images of human cells in Y6

Exploring human cells through art with Miss Bharuchi in Year 6

On Monday 25th March 2019, Year 6 explored representing human cells through art with Miss Bharuchi.  Our human bodies are comprised of numerous cells that enable us to function and be healthy on a daily basis. We used oil pastels to recreate these real-life still images of molecular cells that were captured under a microscope by laboratory technicians. We hope you will be inspired to create your own images. After all, we ALL have these cells inside us! These are some of our images of ‘Human Cells’ we created.

                                        Brain cells                                                                       Red and white blood cells                                               


                                   Empty fat cells                                                     White blood cells attacking a cancer cell


                                         Skin cells                                                                                            Liver cells