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Sandfield Close Primary School

Year 6 visit to 'the warning zone'

Year 6 learnt a lot from their unique and interactive learning visit to 'The Warning Zone'.

On Friday 8th March 2019, Year 6 were fortunate to visit 'The Warning Zone' in Leicester.  Here are some of the learning points from our unique and interactive learning experience from this visit:

  • Engages with pupils at a key transition in their life   
  • Teaches vital messages when children are younger so that they can make more informed decisions about risks & consequences
  • Ten thousand primary school pupils visit each year to learn about staying safe
  • Children learn about areas such as fire safety and the dangers of playing on railway lines and other essential life skills     
  • Youngsters are given practical advice about identifying risks in order to avoid them  
  • Trained professionals and a large number of volunteers educate young people on understanding risks and consequences, peer pressure, anti-social behaviour, grooming, cyber-bullying and much more   
  • E-safety zone teaches children about staying safe when using the internet – whether this is playing multi-player games, taking photos, chatting on social media or using apps on a phone or table  
  • The concept of using an old fashioned fairground theme with no technology is the first of its kind in the UK– teaching this important and relevant subject using interactive, impactful methods.