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Sandfield Close Primary School

Congratulations to our prize winners!

Jody, Julie & Michelle selected the winners of the competition they set!

Jody, Julie & Michelle set a  competition recently and asked all year groups to draw a picture of what they are looking forward to doing with their family during the two week holiday in December. This could be how they intend to celebrate Christmas, the New Year, the winter season etc.

They had so many entries! Jody, Julie & Michelle were so excited to see so many children sharing what they were going to do during the holiday. They want to thank everybody who entered the competition and the winners are listed below.


Congratulations to our winners below and they have been given their prize.

Sarenna from 6AB  

Dhyanvi from 5LS   

Diya from 4SV 

Siana from 3SO  

Harshiv  from 1/2 RT/PA  (Year 2)

Suron from 1/2 RT/PA  (Year 1)

Tilak from RHK  


Well done!

Jody, Julie & Michelle wish you all a great holiday! Be safe and have fun with your family.