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Sandfield Close Primary School

Safiyyah is a winner of A Premier League Primary Stars competition !

Congratulations to Saffiyah for winning a competition set by Primary League Primary Stars! We are so proud of you!

Safiyyah has done an amazing job by winning challenge 10 -create a character that was set up by Premier League Primary Stars.  We are all proud of you Safiyyah - well done!

Safiyyah is the winner of challenge 10 - create a character,  and has won our school a Premier League Trophy visit! Wow! Well done Safiyyah!  Our school has a passion for encouraging reading and writing for all ages across a range of genres so it is such a pleasure for us to see Safiyyah participating and winning the competition set by Premier League Primary Stars.

Premier League Primary Stars joined up with the National Literacy Trust and Jamie Johnson author Dan Freedman. They asked children to create your very own character for a football-themed story and Safiyyah was chosen as the winner from lots of fantastic characters and stories that were submitted. 

Look below for details of her winning entry which feature on the Premier League Primary Stars website; the link is below:

Safiyyah's winning entry can also be found on the 'create a character' page on the Premier League Primary Stars website - see the link below:

Safiyyah's winning entry

My character name is Sarah 
My character is  8 years  old
My character lives in Leicester

She is 8 years year's old and lives in Leicester. she has long blonde hair. She is kind and cares about the environment and recycling. since she was small all she dreams about is being a football star. ever since her dad took her to the open-top parade when Leicester City won the Premiership.

She normally is quiet and shy but very confident and aggressive when playing football. 

There was a girl called Sarah who wanted to play football like her older brother Phillip. Phillip did not like if Sarah joined because he spies on her and she is really good. Phillip thought his friends would think his sister is better than him.  So when Sarah joined Phillip, he said Sarah was on the other team. Phillip told his friend, Sarah was bad and other lies. At break time Sarah's team made her Team Captain and the other side Phillips team complained that they were losing. This made Phillip mad. At the end of the break, there was a quarter game left. When Sarah asked Phillip why he was mad,  Phillip replied he was jealous. Sarah said to Phillip she was a little jealous too and nervous. This cheered Phillip up a bit. The end of the game, it was a tie. After that Sarah and Phillip started playing football together. sometimes even on the same team.

We hope you are inspired by Safiyyah.