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Sandfield Close Primary School

Delectable French delights in Y5

The children in year 5 were lucky enough to visit a cafe in ‘France’, where everyone spoke French. 

There were some delicious patisseries available, such as the ‘pain au chocolat’, ‘un eclair’, ‘un croissant’, and ‘un gateau’. Followed by drinks to quench their thirst: apple juice, orange juice and chocolate milkshake. 


The children were spoilt for choice in the cafe where they were served by french speaking waiters and waitresses, who catered to the needs of their customers well.  All they asked for in return were manners and money - where they only accepted euros. 


Year 5 enjoyed their experience and loved having the opportunity to visit a French cafe and practise all the useful French vocabulary they have learnt.  


We would like to thank the fabulous waiters/waitresses and Madame Delesse (our wonderful French teacher) for giving year 5 this amazing opportunity.