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Sandfield Close Primary School

Year 4 link art and history together - making learning memorable!

Year 4 created a collage to depict the Battle of Bosworth.

In year 4 we have been learning about Richard 3rd and his battle with Henry Tudor in 1485, The Battle Of Bosworth. We have been studying the topic in Art, History and Geography and have learnt all sorts of new things about the period and about Leicester's role in the story.

Here are some photos of our year 4 project, to depict the Battle of Bosworth using collage. We had to learn all about  weapons and clothing from the period so we could make sure that the collage looked authentic. Did you know that many of the soldiers in the battle didn't wear armour? Also, not many of the fighters rode war horses, like Richard 3rd.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos- we have thoroughly enjoyed our learning and are looking forward to our assembly, when we will be able to tell you even more interesting facts.