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Sandfield Close Primary School

Congratulations Sandfield Close Primary sCHOOL!

Thank you to Mrs. Odedra for Leading this area across the school.

We are pleased to announce that Sandfield Close Primary School has been re-accredited with full international school status for the period 2019 – 2022. This means that the school has now held this accolade for 12 consecutive years. Within the school, we have worked hard to ensure that internationalism is embedded within our curriculum and prevalent in all that we do. As a school we have endeavoured to ensure that all of our pupils are made aware of the role that they play as global citizens within an ever-changing world.

Assessors identified that, ’It is clear to see that Sandfield Close Primary continues to build and embed a real learning ethos which is reflected in and informing long-term planning and policy - supported by a range of on-going international activities. There is evidence that a whole school approach is being developed through the embedding of outcomes and the use of learning to enhance British Values (as recognised in the schools recent Ofsted report). An international focus is embedded across the curriculum and in the teaching and learning experience for all. A range of interesting activities have taken place throughout the school year which have been used as an effective vehicle with which to enable increased awareness of ways of life, cultures and experiences in the world, develop critical thinking skills and to explore wider active citizenship issues around Fair Trade / British Values / Faith and diversity etc. It is clear to see the impact of this year's international activities have had on both staff, pupils and the wider community.’