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Sandfield Close Primary School

News about learning across the school

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  • 28/02/20

    Artwork using chalk

    Artwork inspired by 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' which is the text Y4 are studying.
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  • 25/02/20

    Making and enjoying pancakes in Year 1

    Children in Year 1 wanted to make pancakes and write instructions about how they did it - so we did!
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  • 10/02/20

    Learning about fire safety in year 1

    Learning how to 'stop, drop and roll' in Year 1 when we learnt about fore safety.
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  • 04/02/20

    Stunning samurai swordsmanship!

    Children in Years 4, 5 & 6 watched a stunning Samurai sword by author Chris Bradford based on his book 'Young Samurai'.
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  • 31/01/20

    Sketching and Working With Colour!

    Using different materials to sketch in Year 1
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  • 28/01/20

    A Special Visitor in Year 1

    Florence Nightingale in Year 1!
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  • 24/01/20

    Delectable French delights in Y5

    The children in year 5 were lucky enough to visit a cafe in ‘France’, where everyone spoke French. 
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  • 17/01/20

    Year 4 link art and history together - making learning memorable!

    Year 4 created a collage to depict the Battle of Bosworth.
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  • 15/01/20

    Using critical thinking skills in Year 4

    Year 4 used a critical thinking skills activity called 'Flat chat' in literacy - eveyone loved contributing!
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  • 10/01/20

    Year 6's to the Warning Zone

    Year 6 visited the Warning Zone in Leicester.
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  • 10/01/20

    Hello Hello Art in Year 1!

    Take a look at the super art Year 1 have created!
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  • 09/01/20

    Y4 Getting ready for their assembly

    Year 4  are preparing to share what they have learnt about Richard III
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