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Sandfield Close Primary School

News about learning across the school

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  • 07/11/19

    Jody has been nominated as a 'school meals hero'!

    Jody and her team are determind to make meal times special at Sandfield Close Primary School.
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  • 28/10/19

    Spooky Silhouettes!

    Year 6 linked art and literacy to create diferent effects.
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  • 24/10/19

    A trip to Sainsburys by 1KH to buy different fruits and vegetables

    Fruit Shopping and Tasting!
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  • 11/10/19

    Diwali Cards in Y1

    We learnt all about Diwali in Y1.
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  • 08/10/19

    Reception have a visit from a librarian

    Mrs Dhillon organised a librarian to visit EYFS to share stories and showed everyone a love of reading!
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  • 03/10/19

    Poetry and a special school lunch!

    All children at Sandfield Close had a super special school lunch whilst celebrating our love of poetry!
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  • 03/10/19

    All the colours of the rainbow!

    Sandfield Close Primary School raising money to support Rainbows Children Hospice.
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  • 30/09/19

    'Witch' type of writing is Y5 doing?

    Witchy writing!
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  • 27/09/19

    Y6 Pointillism

    Year 6 understood the 'point' of using pointillism!
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