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  1. Mrs Dhillon says:

    I love our new website. Our young digital leaders will be busy updating the website over the next couple of weeks.

  2. rdoshi1 says:

    This is an amazing website for parents and pupils to find information about our school. In particular I like writing blogs. It has great pictures and bright colours.

  3. sshabir1 says:

    What a great website! Great colours, pictures and it is very clear to see what you would like to click on. Teachers and students will enjoy reading this awesome school website as this school has an anti-bullying policy and many happy students! Enjoy.

  4. adhadyalla1 says:

    I love this website. It helps the parents if their child has newly joined with sandfield close primary.
    The parents have some things already done for them. It is so easy.
    The colours are all so vibrant and it will attract parents.

  5. mchauhan1 says:

    This new website is amazing! I love it! It provides lots of vital information that you will need to know about. I hope you like it!

  6. ppankhania1 says:

    WOW! This website is brilliant and very useful for teachers and parents.

  7. aparmar1 says:

    I love our website as it is easy to view and is easy for parents and pupils to view and will help with things like homework!

  8. agandhi1 says:

    This new school website is exceptionally good for all people including staff, students and parents as well. There are a variety of vivid colours and there are many pictures which signifies all the links of the website itself. It is ideal for teachers to set homework to all there students and for students who have joined clubs in school clubs for instance Eco club and Digital leaders. Hope you enjoy the awesome website! Stay tuned for the latest news on Sandfield Close Primary School. Overall, this website is too gooooood!

  9. dsharma1 says:

    The school website is amazing, it is phenomenal . I think it will be more useful to parents as soon as we Digital Leaders help them out. These modern day features will enable parents to see their children’s curriculum information and homework. If you want any help, contact a digital leader!

    Dev Sharma,
    Sandfield Close Student and Digital Leader, Class 6SR

  10. BPatel says:

    this website is very good and amazing

  11. NBhavsar says:

    This website is easy and has vivid colours

  12. Nandani says:

    This website is very easy to use. It is very helpful for homework and many other things such as newsletters.

  13. Diya Jasa says:

    You have done a really good job with the school website it is amazing !!!

  14. Isra says:

    I like the new school website. I think to make it better they should put up 1 person from each classes work up to show new people what sandfield is capable of.

    Thank you

  15. Piumi Krishna says:

    This website is a really good website.It helps me know what is going on in this school!

  16. Diya Jasa says:

    yes i agree with you guys the website is amazing !!!

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