Y5 Homework for 24.3.16


In maths, we have been been learning to compare fractions. Complete the following questions by inserting the < , > or = sign between the fractions. Remember to work out your answers first, do not just guess by looking at the numbers!

Eg; 1/3 < 1/2

1) 2/3     5/6                                  4) 3/4     3/8

2) 2/4     1/2                                 5) 2/3      3/6

3) 3/5    4/10                               6) 1/2      4/6


Like always, learn the next set of spellings in your booklet. As well as this, please make sure you know what each word means and write it in a sentence.


If you have been given lines for our Easter assembly, please make sure you learn them and practice saying them in a loud, clear voice.



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