Year 5 Homework 11/3/16


In literacy, we have been learning about Romeo and Juliet. Use your knowledge of the story to write your own version. You may want to change the setting, the characters and some of the events that happen in the story. You can even turn it into a modern version. Please hand write your work to practice your handwriting.

If you work on the ‘all‘ target on your WILF in school, please do not change anything. Write the story of Romeo and Juliet as you have learnt it.

Remember to use:

Interesting vocabulary, adverbial phrases, relative clauses and figurative language.

Think about what you have learnt in class to help you and make sure your presentation and quality of writing is to a year 5 standard!

Do not forget that your story has to be interesting enough to engage the reader.


Please complete exercise 8 in your CGP book and practice any activities related to finding fractions of amounts on My Maths and Sumdog.

Homework is due in on Thursday 17th March 2016.

As always, if you have any issues or questions, please speak to Miss Lakha or Miss Mistry before the deadline.

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