Learning Log Homework 22.1.16

I have a Dream’ Project

Please write out your ‘I have a Dream’ speech neatly on some paper. If you don’t have any paper, please ask your teacher for some.


Last week, you were asked to create your own mythical  creature. Your task this week is to use that mythical creature and write your myth. Think about all the different Greek myths you have heard this week to help you.

Remember to include: Interesting vocabulary, correct punctuation, adverbial phrases, time connectives, figurative language, relative clauses.


In maths, year 5 have been practicing written methods for multiplication and division. Please practice the method you have learnt for multiplying by two digit numbers.

1) 123 x 23 = ?                                                 4) 783 x 57 = ?

2) 321 x 42 = ?                                                5) 623 x 48 = ?

3) 536 x 45 = ?                                                6) 825 x 63 = ?

7) The value of £1 is roughly 12 times the value of the Hong Kong dollar. If a watch costs £234, how much does it cost in Hong Kong Dollars?

8) A plane travels at 885 km an hour. If the plane travels at this speed for 17 hours, how far would it travel?


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